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so for all of you who are curious, the MiroSanta fic is going swimmingly.

I've been working on it day and night, every spare moment I have alone. it's probably around 75-80% done, so I'm really excited.

all other projects on hold until I get through school.

p.s. for those of you who don't know, I got an 1870 on my SAT reasoning test, so all that school focus is paying off.
The Blue Fairy (Disneylannnd!)

In case you're interested...

I sent my completed one-shot to my beta for... beta-ing just a few days ago and as soon as possible, will edit it once she sends it back to me. She's already sent back a chunk of it, so we'll just have to wait for the remaining chunk to arrive. Then I need to edit it.

I also need to title it.


Just wait it out, folks.
The Blue Fairy (Disneylannnd!)

New idea...

I've got another one-shot idea, so I'm going to see if I can do something with all of these ideas swimming in my head. School ends soon, I've just got finals to get through...

So basically, for those of you that care, I'm writing. Or will be. Just don't kill me, okay?
The Blue Fairy (Disneylannnd!)

Sneak peek!

I decided that since I probably won't be updating for a while ('cause I'm slow like that) I'd give a preview of the one-shot I'm writing. Not that anyone really cares about my writing when there's people like PoF, May, Margo, Mysa, Lonnie, and Cori around...

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It's semi-plotless and going nowhere fast. Heaven help me.
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The Blue Fairy (Disneylannnd!)

You give me fever

I feel so love-ed. ^^ I <3 May-May.

I get a fever that's so hard to bear

This weekend was pretty good. Had fun. Until I remembered that I had homework to do. x.x

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I've been feeling kinda sick lately. [Hence the entry title] No, you don't give me fever. But I thought it was fitting just because I feel kinda sick and I'm a sucker for sap and all... Anyway, I keep sneezing and coughing. My asthma's getting the better of me, too. I'm cold. And sleepy. I'll be lying down now. With any luck, I'll get a break tomorrow. Gosh. I've got a 2 mile run in P.E. tomorrow. I guess that means I'll be seeing you in the afterlife.

[Don't let the exclamation point fool you into thinking that I'm peppy...] Ja ne!
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